Designer lighting

Nowadays beautiful interior design by its own, regardless of the architectural style, is not enough to impress clients and guests. To make a good impression and leave a comfortable feel to the place you can use modern LED lighting (designer lighting) that allows you to create unique lighting fixtures and realize designer visions that in the close past were largely inaccessible and in some cases impossible to implement.

Design and practicality – Today’s interior lighting not only illuminates, it decorates our living environment. Starting from the extensive range of designer shapes, heads and hanging through the beautiful materials like crystals, diverse glasses, colorful metals, and many other alloys, we get to the huge variety of heights and angles of light, from antique to ultra-modern design solutions. Lighting fits not only as a system but also as a single design solution for your interior, whether that is a home or a business. Today more often than in any previous era, one of the main distinctive design parts of any interior is exactly the lighting. That’s why our lighting fixtures are modern and functional, a true contemporary model of modern design. These art solutions can contribute to the impressive impact of your new home or business venture with light.

Variable light – LED illumination allows the use of variable light streams, light guidance, suitable light and color temperature, various stylized colors of light – advanced RGB blending allowing thousands of color variations. This gives a huge impetus to the imagination for the diversity and unity of the interiors.


Осветително тяло Gamma 07 -
Дизайнерско осветление Gamma 18
Осветително тяло Gamma 15 -
Серия Gamma