Industrial lighting

If, in the past, when designing a building, the main exterior architectural concepts were facade decoration and ornamentation, today façade lighting has a leading role in the decoration and identity of modern buildings. The low consumption of LED lights combined with the low heat dispersion and great flexibility of the materials and the technologies on which they are based allow for the creation of unique stylistic and artistic facades.

Economy – The first step in this direction, of course, is the selection of integrated ice bodies for your premises, but the economy of LED technology by itself is just not enough. For your lighting to be economical, it needs a smart industrial project. We offer you exactly these types of projects. At one end you have the high level of protection of the bodies against moisture and chemicals, at the other the projects deal with the issue of the intensity of light in relation to the necessity of it in different places based on the work process  – sensors for diminishing lighting with adequate access to daylight, protection of illumination for several hours in case of an electrical accident.

Efficiency – The proposed bodies in projects for different business uses are calculated with appropriate dampness, temperature resistance, size, shape light guidance, appropriate lighting angle and color temperature. Solutions ease the workflow and help establish a good atmosphere, whether in the workplace, restaurant or hotel. The outstanding lifetime of LEDs is well known, and that reduces the investment cost many times, but when the project combines it with easy maintenance, it actually gives a positive result. The alarms for damaged lighting, its easy replacement, the physical lightness of the bodies and their instant entry into the general software are only a small part of the success factors.

Design – In addition to the modernity as economy and functionality of the LED lighting we offer for your system, we include a number of models with modern design. They correspond to the needs in the construction of hotels, food establishments, banks, administrative buildings, shops, etc. These art solutions can add to the impressive impact of your new business venture with light.