TechnoLED is one of the largest importers and distributors of LED lighting and LED installations in Europe. In our catalog you will find a wide variety of LED tubes, screens, modules, lighting, lighting, embedded panels, modular systems, screens and mounting accessories.


Complete solutions for your projects



Interior and exterior lighting design

Project-based selection of luminaires and light type for each client.


3D design and visualization of lighting projects

3D visualization of interior and exterior design of complete lighting projects.


Construction of complete lighting systems

We combine hardware and software to build complete lighting systems for different objects and projects.


What do we offer?

Techno LED offers complete solutions for project-based implementation of interior, exterior, industrial, park and street lighting. This encompasses the whole process of selecting, designing, designing, manufacturing, supplying, installing and programming a complete lighting system for every need.

Why LED?

LED technology is a revolution for lighting. The low energy consumption, the lack of flickering in the light stream, the long life, the flexibility, the ease and the ability to easily program and reconfigure different light variations are a revolution not only in technology but also in aesthetic aspect.

Why bet on project-based solutions?

Our long experience in the integration sphere has taught us that one of the most effective ways to build a workable system is complete implementation by a narrow profile contractor. When a team is tapped as a flawless machine, the various participants and work groups can provide maximum efficiency.

Why TechnoLED?

Techno LED is part of the Techno Holdings, one of the major broach integrators in the Balkans. The company is proud of having a highly qualified team of many specialists with vast experience in technically sophisticated, project-based performances.

For us the overall design design and execution of a lighting project (regardless of its size) not only isn’t a challenge, but we can absolutely guarantee its high quality realization.

How long does it take for planning and plotting?

Depending on the complexity of the project, we have our trained professionals who can start the initial work on your project within a few business days.

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