Street, park and tunnel lighting

          While in the near past, the only purpose of street lighting was simply light the path of people and vehicles, it has now become a complex system with many requirements. That’s why we offer complete solutions for your street, sidewalk, park, garden, tunnel and traffic lighting. They are subject to the following requirements:

          Efficiency – the LEDs themselves are economical and the software system organizes the level of illumination to the flow of moving people and cars, as well as the level of illumination based on the intensity of daylight, as well as the level of illumination according to all the sources in the lighting section. We already offer a wide variety of self-powered outdoor lamps. By receiving and storing energy from outside sources (sun and wind), these lamps are not only economical but can also illuminate inaccessible or difficult for electrical supply locations.

      Consistency and diversity  – street, park, garden, pavement, façade lighting due to their LED nature have a much longer life than all the lights introduced to this day. They retain to a very large degree the same intensity as well as the same color temperature throughout their life cycle. At the same time, they give you a variety of colors, RGB variability, easy digestibility and switching from one color to another according to your desire and system needs

          Design and practicality  – today’s outdoor lighting not only illuminates, it decorates our living environment. Starting from the extensive range of design poles, heads and hinges, from the tremendous variety of heights and angles of light, from antique to ultra-modern designer solutions. Lighting enters not only as a system but also as a single design solution combined with traditional park, garden and street lamps, bridge and facade lighting are now increasingly used. In all, a single solution based on aesthetic and economic principles is sought.