Over the past 15 years Techno has established itself as one of the major importers and producers of electronics in Bulgaria. The company is a major distributor of giants like Panasonic, Canon, TCL and many others. In their work, Techno carries out complex engineering projects, their integration and putting them into operation, providing warranty and after-warranty service. The company has built dozens of televisions, radios, PTTs, SNGs, Head Ends, multiplexes, monitoring systems for cable, wire and satellite operators. Except for Bulgaria, Serbia, Turkey, Romania, Cyprus, Poland, Montenegro, Ukraine and many others. Techno not only delivers and integrates sophisticated broadcasters and television systems, but also creates and implements many advanced software products in areas such as smart (smart lighting), digital security, digitalisation of archives, and security systems recognition others.

For two years, Techno has been producing the full range of LED lighting – all types of bulbs and main lighting fixtures. Beginning with home-made home lighting, including designer interior lighting, waterproof bathroom fixtures, swimming pools, terraces, sidewalks and a range of outdoor art lighting, it goes through a wide range of industrial, street, facade and park lighting, stage, studio, cinema and television projectors, trackers and robotic heads for spectacular lighting. For these two years, Techno has put the lights on dozens of restaurants, hotels, offices, factories, sports halls, TV studios, scenes and hundreds of homes. He has also been able to complete numerous competition projects, including those with European funding.

Today, the company aims at the conceptual and engineering construction of complete integrated lighting systems and design projects for small, medium and large-scale projects. Our goal is to offer all kinds of technical and aesthetic services related to building a unified aesthetic vision with high quality and energy efficient products.

Konstantin Karanov
– Holding company “Techno” Ltd.